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Vindictive Comics Collection



Vindictive Comics Collection is Garland Watson’s debut into the Graphic novel and comic world. These brilliantly drawn stories keep your eyes widened at his masterful details, and excited in anticipation for the interesting conclusions, to the end of his unique story lines. If you’re a fan of great lyrical content in rap music or any other music then you’ll absolutely love his innovative way of bringing some of his own written rhymes to life. Whether a comic fan or Hip-Hop fan, its instant satisfaction, and the beginning of a great artist’s rise to fame.

By Tilisha T. Alexander



Women it's ok to wait!  When you do decide to give yourself wholly to someone, make sure you can do it with no regrets.

Take a journey with Farrah, a young lady who, like most of us, is seeking love.  Follow her through the ups and downs of dating and college life.  After spending years in a dead-end relationship, she finds what she thinks is love with Brieson.  However, when emotions conflict with Farrah's morality, what choice will she make?  And will she be able to live with the consequences?

By Eugene Rodriguez



A Mambo Duet is a collection of two plays, Mambo Louis and the Dancing Machine and The Mambo Cafe.    

Mambo Louie and the Dancing Machine is a romantic comedy played out in the mambo clubs of New York City.  Mambo Louie, is a "hump" at the phone company, but he is also a struggling poet, and a fabulous Salsa Dancer. His partner in crime, Moncho, is a friendless IRS agent with socialistic tendencies. Jean, "The Dancing Machine," is a wild Salsa dancer at night and a professional woman by day. Her roommate, Mona, is also a friendless IRS agent. Dancing Salsa brings these people together. Although Moncho and Mona fall in "Like" at first sight, Louie has to woo Jean with poetry, dance, and humor. The Mambo Cafe is the sequel to Mambo Louie & The Dancing Machine.