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Ninjas and Vamps
By Michael L. Bernoudy, Jr. 

$9.99 (Also available in Ebook), See the official video trailer at:  https://youtu.be/a0I7zIe6eXs


Antonio Anderson is your ordinary inner-city youth, faced with the typical troubles of growing up Black.  Gangs.  Girls.  Ghosts.  Vampires.  Wtf!!!

After moving to a small town to tend to his dying grandmother, Tony and his friends discover that there are more things for young blacks to fear than cops.  This witty story will prove entertaining for readers of all ages.

Jasmine and Jada (Book Four of the Kaleidoscope)
By Michael L. Bernoudy, Jr.

Coming Soon!!!

Jada and Elizabeth Jarreaux handled the death of their father in two very different ways.  Jada would train to better herself believing her father was watching her actions.  Her sole motivation is to make her father proud.  Elizabeth would be consumed by hatred and rage.  Her sole purpose would be to avenge the death of the person she held most dear.

The ability to sense the areas where the barriers between worlds are thin is extremely rare.  This ability runs in the Jarreaux family.  The forces of both light and dark are aware of this fact and have made moves to capitalize on the powers of the Jarreaux sisters.  

All the characters are now in play and the stage is set for the final confrontation between good and evil.  In this forth book of the Kaleidoscope preparations are being made to bring the ultimate goal in sight, the Kaleidoscope itself.

The Journeys of Father KaReem
By Lawrence Strickland

Coming Soon!!!

Author Lawrence Strickland returns readers to the land of feuding kingdoms and warring gods he introduced us to in Tales of Love and Woe.  In his first full-length novel, Strickland chronicles the story of three childhood friends growing up in a stringent religious society.  These three youths are renown for finding trouble.

When the troublesome boys become young men, they are commissioned to map the world and deliver an important object in a mysterious box.  From the onset of their journey peril strikes when the box is stolen by a group of gypsies.  Now the young men must recover what was stolen while completing their mission of mapping the world.  Little do they know, but the fate of the world hangs in the balance.  Strickland gives us another story of magic, mystery, and adventure, sure to be another classic

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