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The Hottest New Figure in Publishing

The Hottest Figure in publishing

Publisher's Corner

Since the opening of this company we've steadily grown in recognition.  As more people hear about the company more questions arise about our policies. I decided to add this page to our site. 

     Why does your company get the rights to an author's books and never release those rights?


Answer:  When an author writes a book he/she creates something very precious to him/her and they become protective and possessive of it.  In a larger publishing company they generate books by the thousands and all they see is numbers and marketability.  In my company however I am as attached to the books as the authors.  I often get excited at the release of a new book because my money and my efforts helped bring it to the public.  Once I publish a book it becomes a part of Blu Phi'er family and I get very possessive over it.

That being said, in our new contracts we lose our exclusive right to publish after 3 years and if an author gets a new publisher that company more likely than not will negotiate with us to get exclusive rights to the author's books.

     Why do so many of your company practices and even your company's contract not comply with industry standards? 

Answer:  Once the publishing industry was dominated by a few publishing houses that controlled what was put into print.  It was at this point many of the practices that have become common in the industry were established.  Many of the practices in the industry do not take into consideration the small publisher.  A company like mine cannot give $10,000.00 advances (yet) and promise a nationwide marketing campaign and 100,000 copies sold.  So my company does not conform to what many bigger companies or the industry as a whole does.

I'll also say this.  We are FAIR with our authors.  I spend money out of my own pocket to get an author's book into print and to help it become successful.  I can't promise an author will be a best seller but I communicate with my authors on a one on one basis.  I conform my contracts and business practices to suit the needs of an individual author when necessary, and I give authors chances who might never get into print dealing with the more established companies.  I deal with my staff and authors on more of a friends and family basis, and I think that makes up for us not fitting the mold of all those publishing clones out there.

     Does your company offer advances?

Answer:  No. 

Smaller publishing houses have to take additional steps to insure profits and their continued existence.  These companies should not be knocked for not doing for their authors what larger companies can.  What should be asked of any publisher is whether or not it is being fair to the authors.  Furthermore, fairness should not be judged by comparing a smaller publisher to a larger one or as to whether a company gives an author all the concessions he/she may desire.  Fairness should be judged by this; does a company produce a good product for an author and work hard to insure that product's success.

What marketing does your company do for a book?

Answer: Our current marketing scheme consist of heavy internet marketing, mass emails about upcoming books, a rigid schedule of book signings, obtaining reviews, and forwarding catalogs to book stores. .

            What do you see the future of the company to be?

Answer:  The company was once unknown, with no authors, making no money.  We can't go anywhere but up. So far, we're doing that.  We will continue to produce books and expand the fan bases for the authors we already have.  We will continue to find unknown authors and give them a chance to get into print.  We will continue to spit in the face of critics and go against the grain.

Is there any thing that you would do different if given the chance?

Answer:  I'd have to write another book on that one.  One thing that has changed in the company in the last year and a half is that we've made the transition to a one-man operation to a larger company.

In the last year and a half I have been less hands on.  I've exercised less oversight and control over the company from the website, to book editing.  If I could I would have expanded at a slower rate in order that I can keep an eye on everything that happens.

Another thing that I regret is that I started 2008 obligated to publish a lot more books than we can handle.  This has caused a number of delays and we have even had to terminate several contracts with authors which I deeply regret.

Why are so many projects being dropped?

Answer:  Our former Marketing Director had great intentions and proposed a number of projects.  Without the authority of upper management contracts were sent to numerous individuals.  None of these contracts were official whereas they did not bear my signature.  Nevertheless there were a number of people out there who mistakenly believed they had contracts with us.  Many of them are angry and we've done our best to try to appease them.  However, we won't put books into print if it is not in the best interest of the company, no matter how many negative threads are started online.

            When will submissions be open again?

Answer: Submissions will open January 2011.

            How many titles will you publish in 2011?

Answer:  We will publish a total of 5 books in 2011.

             Will Blu Phi'er be doing any hiring?

Answer:  We are currently looking for editors.  We need editors who can edit books from multiple genres and cultures.  Editors need to have a mastery of grammar and able to give and meet reasonable deadlines for projects.

             Will Blu Phi'er have titles available as ebooks?

Answer:  By the end of 2011 we intend to have all our titles available as ebooks.


If you have questions feel free to contact me directly at phierstarter@bluphier.com


 Michael L. Bernoudy, Jr.


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