By Michael L. Bernoudy, Jr.

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Look through the eyes of Michael as he reflects upon his life and American journey.  This long and heartfelt road takes him from convicted felon to successful attorney. From a bachelor to a single father. From being homeless to earning six figures.

Travel across the country, on his life trip, to Los Angeles, Dallas, Arkansas, New Orleans, Louisiana, and eventually Marshall, Texas. Journey through big cities, small towns, random dating, marriage and divorce.

Live the story as told through relationships with various women. From Ashley to Zackita, experience erotic scenes and numerous life lessons.

This book is guaranteed to entertain and educate readers in the sphere of male/female relationships.

By Chris Manning



Have you ever been part of a team so strong that you carried the memories of that group of people with you for the rest of your life?

One Team One Dream captures such a scenario, with a fact-based account of the 1997 William Byrd High School baseball Virginia state champions.  More importantly, it tells a story that anyone who has ever felt a brotherhood or sisterhood with teammates can relate to.  The magic that was captured by these twenty-two young men takes a break from today’s world of big money contracts, steroids, and scandal, and focuses on the things that matter, such as; the relationships between players and coaches, including the battle that the players went through to keep their coach from being fired. This story tells the true meaning of the most cherished thing in sports.  Being a team.

Readers will relate to the highs and lows experienced by this team, including having the star pitcher and starting second baseman suspended at the beginning of the season by the school for alcohol violations, beating the odds by winning their sixth straight district championship, being behind by one run in the bottom of the seventh inning with two outs, only to have an unlikely player produce a home run to tie the game in a moment that rivaled that of Kirk Gibson’s legendary World Series home run, and ultimately the moment that transformed the small town of Vinton, Virginia forever, winning the state championship on their home field.  For readers whose playing days are behind them, or for current players, there will be moments in One Team One Dream that hit home, and make them realize how special a bond with teammates can be.

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