Precedent of Justice
By Patrick R. Raley



The Constitutional guarantee of a trial by jury has created its share of controversy.  Judges are forced to sit and watch as skilled attorneys cast spells of reasonable doubt over jurors, in order to set free the most obviously guilty of defendants.  

Detective Charlie Peppers searches through scarce clues and a myriad of diverse suspects in a quest for the truth.  Along the way he not only pieces together a case, but also a personal life. 

Follow the investigation from the end, back to the beginning, and then back to the end.  As additional evidence gathers and the answers become clearer, justice becomes more diluted.  With a system that gives devious criminals the benefit of the doubt, can there ever be a precedent of justice?

Lady Gabriella
By Donnette Smith



The Prey

On the day she inherited a rare British locket, Nicole's existence would be marked for murder. Nicole would soon come face to face with a deadly conspiracy contrived long ago by those who will stop at nothing to claim her treasure. As fate would have it, there is only one man who can save her.

The Hunter

Hired to discover the whereabouts of a valuable locket stolen from his client, Detective Dalton was determined to bring the culprit down.  However with each passing moment the raven-haired beauty was stealing his resolve. As the clock winds down and an innocent life hangs in the balance, he must decide who is the hunter and who is the prey.


A Fantastic Opportunity
By Krystal Waters



Jack Samson is running for his life.  A week ago he started looking for a new job with better benefits and salary.  He came across this ad that read:

“A fantastic opportunity for you if you hire on with our company; one of the top 500 fortune.  Get that dream house, car and vacation.  Stop worrying about bills… you can have it all.  We just ask one thing in return, you sell your soul for eternity.” 

The Extractors were coming to take part of his soul.  What did they do entirely?  Would he be the same?  He did not tell his family, but they were just as involved.  Trying to get answers he hires a private investigator, who tells Jack he needs a priest. 

The underworld and all unseen are trying to enslave the people of the world.  The question is, can Jack stop evil at its highest point without getting his family enslaved as well?  Can he stop the captivity of all mankind?


Twenty Virgins in Heaven  (Book 2 of the Kaleidoscope)
By Michael L. Bernoudy, Jr.

$9.99 (Also available in Ebook)

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What does 9/11, the breaking of the levies in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, a sect of fanatics practicing one of the world’s oldest religions, and a young black lawyer from New Orleans have in common?

There is a religious sect /scientific school of thought called Transmigrationalism.  This belief dates back to ancient Sumer.  It is a belief that all paths/lives are destined to meet in a great clearing, a great meeting place at the end of their course.  In this school of thought when large numbers of paths are brought to an end at once in a tragic event, not only does the door to the clearing open, but also the doors to other worlds. 

Attorney Tyrone Jarreaux finds himself running from Arab extremists and watching  his friends die, all while going through a custody battle with his child’s mother.   

The forces of the Jade Emperor have not been resting since Negro in Nam.  This book filled with drama, mystery, suspense, hard core action scenes, and a little bit of magic is sure to be an instant classic.  And like all Michael Bernoudy books, it’s based on real people. 

A Hot Body of Works